Thursday, April 17, 2014

scenes from the weekend // a sister came to visit

saturday morning i hiked up mount olympus. this made me a very happy gal. what a gorgeous day!
had a brunch date/dress alteration at justin's house after my hike. he made eggs baked in avocados and spicy hash browns. he made me a dress for one of his sewing classes and it is very cute! but, it needs lots of taking in. so some pinning and adjusting happened.
angie and the boys arrived on saturday night and i had a big pot of curried coconut lentils ready and waiting.
after the boys were fast asleep, angie and i had a fun night playing cards with my neighbors lehua, christine and marissa.
the rest of the weekend involved hiking, a visit to the natural history museum, a trip to ikea, a trip to park city, breakfast outside at the park cafe with uncle o, riding bikes at the park, movie watching, treat eating and so on...

it was good

i have been able to go for 3 short runs this week. thank good ness. last night i went for a trail run with my peeps from trader joe's in honor of the full moon. i will now start referring to us as the full mooners. that includes a dog named happy. we had fun, but my ribs and side are not better yet. i must force myself to take it easy.

holy crap, it's almost the weekend again.



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