Wednesday, April 2, 2014

hi + some good news!

sorry to leave ya hanging, but i've been a busy woman!

my day started too early today. i was in the NICU imaging babies before 7 am and i have a headache, stomach ache and a nasty infection in my armpit biopsy site. o took the sutures out for me last night and that made it much more comfortable. ayaya!

first of all, my visit with the oncologists was very positive. kudos to the huntsman cancer institute. they are amazing! i have started a couple of oral meds in hope of relieving some of my symptoms. the blood work came back with several too high and too low values with a big ABNORMAL highlighted in yellow, but i don't have lymphocytosis! thank goodness. what a relief. we will draw more blood and check it again next month to make sure it hasn't changed. this is good news friends. good news indeed. now we wait and watch.

i had a quick trip to phoenix over the weekend for eROP. each participating center was presented an award and we got the award for having the highest percentage of good images for grading! woot! it is sitting right here on my desk next to my computer. i took those images thank you very much:) anyway, we weren't even there 24 hours, but it was warm and sunny. we had dinner outside at chelseas kitchen on friday night and it was incredibly delicious. we stayed at the ritz carlton where the meeting was held and we got to have lunch outside by the pool on saturday. a nice treat to feel warm in the sunshine.

my parents stayed at our house over the weekend because they had a wedding to go to and some other stuff going on. so i got to see them for a little while on friday morning and make them breakfast before i headed out of town. o and gus were good hosts i'm sure! plus o got lots of shit done on saturday:) i like that part. and gus had a buddy.

last night i made the vegan sweet potato and black bean enchiladas in the oh she glows cookbook and i have to say that they are fantastic. really. i modified the recipe a little by roasting my sweet potatoes first instead of boiling them. i also added a little bit of cinnamon to the enchilada sauce. i am seriously looking forward to eating them again tonight for dinner. if you haven't purchase this cook book, do it! what are you waiting for? even if you aren't vegan(i'm not, but i eat like one the majority of the time), cutting out meat just a few days a week can make a positive impact on the environment if we all do it. and, if you are intolerant of many foods like i am, most of her recipes are gluten free, soy free and many are nut free... she always makes an indication of this at the beginning of the recipe and often suggests substitutes if not. i am planning to try making the seed flat bread tonight! mmmm.

i am hoping to run in a trail marathon on the bonneville shoreline trail next weekend. my buddy told me about it and it sounds like a lot of fun. there is no registration, it's free and you just show up and bring some sort of treat for the aid stations. sounds like my kind of gig! i think it is call the bosho. we shall see.

that's too much content. sorry. have a happy hump day lovers.



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  1. Woot!!! I've been waiting anxiously for news! So glad it's good news! :) The food looks amazing! Mmmmm.