Friday, April 11, 2014


oh man, i have seen so many recipes this week that i want to try!
  ^dark chocolate coconut macroons

 ^asparagus stuffed eggs - i would just modify it to leave any dairy out.

 ^lemongrass tofu bowls - minus the tofu.

 ^creamy coconut curry red lentil dahl

that is a good start. don't they all sound fabulous?

i had me such a good hike after work last night. the sun was slowly down and it looked like it was lighting up the moon. it was very cool.

my sister angie and her boys are coming to visit this weekend!

i think tonight is going to be take out because i desperately need to clean my house and do laundry and i can listen to the new sohn album while work. see, it'll be fun?

my hair is getting more and more curly over the past few months. weird.

my new outside mag came in the mail last night, so i see some tub time in my future.

my neighbors emmett and marissa got a new puppy named india. she is soft and cute. because puppies are cute. puppies might be the cutest things on earth. more cute than babies.

have an exciting weekend!



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