Friday, April 4, 2014

friday + the sohn album!

i threw together a quick muesli for breakfast this morning // oats, roasted buckwheat groats, pumpkin seeds, hemp seeds, chia seeds, coconut, raisins and cinnamon with fresh blueberries and banana on top mixed with kefir. i recently introduced kefir into my diet to see how i tolerate it. i am hoping it will help me.

then in a decidedly unstellar fashion, i fell full body weight on my ribs on my left side on the edge of the bath tub getting into the shower this morning. what am i, 80? holy hell. breathing is not my favorite thing to do today.

looking very forward to downloading the new sohn album // tremors
have to wait until next week!

after yoga last night, i got to reconnect with an old friend and it was so refreshing. it really made me happy. i will be making/fixing some jewelry for her:)

my sister jules and i have been playing phone tag all week. we've yet to connect. glad the weekend is coming. means time for stuff like that.

i hope o and i can catch a movie this weekend. this week has just seemed kind of hectic and we haven't spent any time together. i want to see noah. i also want to see the new muppets movie. o will vote for the muppets so...

this weekend i hope to try out some new recipes, run trail, play some cards with the neighbors, finish the last few pages of my book and start a new one, nurse the infection in my armpit biopsy back to health before i cut my arm off and whatever else...i just want low key. no obligation. and, i kind of want to keep my arm.

hope your weekend is stellar lovers. toodles for now.



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