Tuesday, March 4, 2014

weekend and stuff

we had a fun filled saturday morning that included homemade oatmeal/chia/banana pancakes with blueberries and dark maple syrup on top, the movie turbo, playing hide and seek, opening packages of fun things left by their mom, coloring, finding the dress up box and playing basket ball on the mini indoor hoop. serious. we did all of these things. their dad text me after i walked them across the lawn home at lunch time and told me that noble said he was in love with me. so i am pretty sure they had a good time.

spent some time making super simple, but tasty things in the kitchen.
gf pizza // grilled chicken, mushrooms, red onion, yellow peppers, capers, artichoke, sun dried tomatoes,arugula, spicy red sauce with red pepper flakes
oh she glows double chocolate chunk cookies // they are to die for good. i used the enjoy life brand mini chips because that is what i had on hand. i highly recommend you try making and eating these!
gf brown rice wrap // yellow fin tuna tossed in fresh lemon juice, olive oil, sea salt, pepper and dill // micro greens, avocado, red onion, bright red and yellow bell pepper and some chopped bread and butter pickles. i warm the tortilla first so it is soft and chewy.
 gus slept the entire day on sunday.

 a scene from the trail. i ran on saturday afternoon and hiked on sunday afternoon.

found this little beauty on one of my trips to one of my grocery stores. mmm. more chocolate.

joey and the boys came over on sunday night for dinner and they liked those big chocolate cookies!

i organized the pants off of the small cabinet above the toilet in my bathroom. it was driving me crazy and wasn't very functional the way i had it. well, now it is fixed with room to spare!

i saw my doctor on monday morning. she took a biopsy from the skin on my left shoulder blade and put a couple of stitches in. it is unbelievable tender and irritated. hate that. i will be having another biopsy on the 24th. it will be in my armpit, so i want to do it after i run in the 50k race. talk about uncomfortable! ayaya!

i picked up the fault in our stars on my saturday night target run to search for all things organizational. i started reading when i went to bed and didn't close it until 2am. i really like it. i will read wild next.

well, it's tuesday. i am so tired and sore i don't know if i will be able to hold myself up in yoga class tonight. not a great week so far, but we will carry on won't we?!



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  1. I FREAKING love that picture of you dressed up with Mica and Noble in that wig I wore when we got out the dress up box. Looks like fun!