Wednesday, March 26, 2014


tomorrow i go to see the oncologist to see what the progression of my lymphoma is and what the systemic treatment will be. i am super anxious and worried. i just want it to be over with. i have too many thoughts going through my head the last couple of weeks. when i was running in the race on saturday there was an older woman that i ran by and i suddenly thought to myself, i won't be around to run in races when i'm that age. then my face got really hot and i started to cry a little. then i may have said the 'f' word and then i gave myself a pep talk and thought about all the things i am thankful for. so what i'm saying is, wish me luck!

i am heading to phoenix for a meeting for work on friday. kind of bad timing, but i have to go. it's a short trip and i get to travel with some cool cats so it will be fine. we have reservations for a delicious dinner on friday night.

i have been working out, running and going to yoga all week even though my armpit feels and looks like raw hamburger // no excuses // keep on keepin on is what i say.



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  1. I will be praying for you all day!!! *Hugs*