Tuesday, March 11, 2014

damn you cancer cells and haneously bad trail runs


my doctor called. my lymphoma continues to progress despite treatment. we will be adding two more doctors to the team. one of them an oncologist/dermatologist who's specialty is cutaneous t-cell lymphomas. i don't know who the other one is yet. it is time to start systemic medications to suppress cell growth. there will be more biopsies. i am glad the doctor i have now will remain part of my care. i am also glad that i work right next to the huntsman cancer institute.

so we will get to it and life will go on, but i would be lying if i said i wasn't worried for many reasons. i was upset yesterday. o came and picked me up form work so i could have a very mini breakdown. then he asked me what i wanted to do. go to a movie? get a massage? i decided to go for a run to clear my head and move my body. then we went up to the powder house to see if they had the running shoes i've been wanting to get, but their shipment hadn't come in just yet. o bought me a cool little running cap. then we headed to the movie with popcorn and dp hidden in the backpack. then to sleep. i was exhausted.

in other news, i had the worst trail run of my life on saturday. it was miserable and i ate it hard too. bleeding and scabs.  i felt so crappy, but i just kept going and going for 17 miles. so stupid. i knew shortly after i started running that my stomach was not right. likely irritated from something i ate for lunch. instead of stopping and heading home, i kept running. and because my stomach was so sick i didn't fuel or hydrate well at all and by the time i got home my stomach was swollen and painful i couldn't stand up straight. i showered and went to bed without eating or drinking.

super fun post! right?

keep on keepin on. life can't be mind blowing sex and sunshine all time. what do you expect?




  1. You are an amazingly tough woman and always get the upper hand with having a good and hopeful attitude! Love you sooooo much!

  2. Oh sweetie. I have been such a bad reader of blogs since I stopped blogging, and I am so sad that I've been missing out on all of this! Last I knew, I thought the cancer had gone bye bye. Stupid effing cancer!!! I'm so sorry and if I knew how to make anything any better for you, I'd be all over it. Just hugs and poop on cancer.