Monday, March 24, 2014

buffalo run // i ran in my first 50k ultra trail race


i was super nervous for this race because it is a distance i have never run before and i really didn't quite know what to expect from my body. i ran conservatively(slow) and made it to the finish line. i was hoping to finish in 6 hours, but i ended up finishing in just over 6 and a half. my feet and legs were pretty achy for the rest of the day, but when i woke up sunday morning i was pleasantly surprised to not be sore (probably because i ran slow!). just a little nagging ache in my left foot and ankle. my muscles and joints felt great. we just took it easy all day and went for a motorcycle ride. today i woke up feeling awesome mind and body! good thing because i had to be at the doctor at 7am for another biopsy. hello monday.

antelope island is such a cool place to run. i hope to spend a lot more time out there exploring this spring and summer. on my mountain bike too!

thanks to o for being there all day to support me!

hope you all had a fabulous weekend.



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