Tuesday, February 4, 2014


good morning mama.  can i have some of what you are eating?!

 fruit + steel cut oats = pre-run fuel that looks pretty.

14 miles + 7000 feet of elevation change + snow, ice and uneven ground to boot  =  me being very thankful i chose to put my yak tacks on over my trail runners.  it was good and the air was so clean!

the chocolate conspiracy.  all of their products are gluten, soy and dairy free!  i've died and gone to heaven!  plus, it is a stones throw from my house.  everything i have tasted from the truffles to the fudge have been mouth watering good.  read this and you will love it even more! 

sages cafe moved to the neighborhood.  we went with mel, moses and justin on saturday night.  i had a coconut sesame curry that had mushrooms and brussel sprouts in it and it hit the spot!  the food was great, but the service needs a little work. we went and saw the jack ryan movie afterward.

"mama, get out of the tub and play with me please."  waiting patiently.  he finally gave up, went in the bedroom, threw himself on the floor and starting snoring immediately.

and now it's tuesday.  happy happy tuesday lovers!



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