Tuesday, February 18, 2014

moab red hot race

i pulled the car over and made o take a photo of me in my moon shirt with the book cliffs in honor of the full moon
after we arrived in moab, brad and i headed to eddie mcstiff's to pick up our race packets along with hundreds of other racers and surprise! there were ginormous trucker hats inside. then my parents, o, angie and the kiddos came and we had dinner together. jules arrived the next morning.

i ran it faster than last year:) it was a fantastic day and i had a great time running. couldn't have asked for better running weather. i felt good the whole race except for some pain in my left hip and knee the last 5 miles. i ate crystallized ginger and a few shot blocks while running and drank coke at the aid stations. afterward, angie, jules, harper and rowan went climbing with friends while brad and i headed back to the hotel for much needed hot showers! i hung out with o in our room and drank lots of water and painted my toenails. i made the choice not to eat anything for several hours after the race to let my stomach be calm and it was a good decision. in the evening we headed to milt's for buffalo burgers and fries. i was pleased to have no real soreness at all, just a general lower energy level the next day and that is it! so fun to have my family there. my parents had to head home right after brad and i were finished, but the rest of us stayed through monday and spent the weekend hiking, climbing and playing.

stay tuned for more desert goodness!



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