Thursday, February 20, 2014

little wild horse canyon with jules // we should never have to work on monday

monday morning everyone headed home including o. but, jules and had other plans in mind. we discovered a new store on main street in moab where i bought some little treasures. it is called triassic.  here is the etsy shop and here the website. i bought a copper cuff bracelet for both of us and i bought a couple of spoons and some chopsticks. so pretty! all recycled. yay for zero waste!!!

then we headed to the san rafael desert because jules wanted to hike little wild horse canyon. so we did! and there was hardly anybody there, which was awesome. we were goofy and had fun. then we made quick stop at my parents in p town and my mom just happened to have a steamy hot pot full of homemade chili! we ate really fast and then rushed back up to salt lake so jules could catch her flight back to stinky ole texas. it was a rad weekend and every monday should be a holiday.

the end.



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