Friday, February 7, 2014


i am very excited to start watching the olympics! i am so tired and ready for the work week to be over.

o and i had a little date last night. we went out for tacos and saw the oscar animated shorts at the tower theater. my favorites were mr hublot and the room on the broom.

i love reading about national geographics adventurers of the year. here are the picks for 2014. kilian is on there and holy crap, read about sarah marquis! amazing.

tomorrow is my last saturday of long running before the red hot race in moab next weekend! i can't believe how fast it crept up. i am excited to go and have a good time and hang out with siblings. both of my sisters and me together in one place! and not just any place, but in the beautiful desert we love. yipee!

i am having a few of my girlfriends and their kiddos over tomorrow afternoon for some valentine making and treat eating. so, i have a few more things to go shopping for tonight and then i am going to take a stab at making some vegan/gf dark chocolate truffles. i think they will be delicious^^^

i am reading the book wave // by sonali deraniyagala and i am just finishing it. it is not my favorite because is so devastating. on mel's recommendation i am reading the fault in our stars next. i have list of things i want to read.  i love to read, but it is really hard for me to sit still, stay focused and not get distracted.  really hard. if i am at home, i have to be in the bathtub.

well good people of the inter web world, i hope you have a kick ass weekend! eat some chocolate and go exploring outside.



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