Friday, February 28, 2014

friday + a song

i took a couple of hours off from work this morning and it was fantastically glorious! i fell asleep with my book and my headlamp last night. i had to finish my book. i slept in until 7:00, got up and put on my robe and my slippers and made breakfast for o and i. then i headed out the door to run for an hour in the daylight! then we may or may not have ran the hot water completely out with sexy shower time:) don't be jealous.

running + morning sex + not being at work = my favorite things = a fantastically glorious morning

in other news //

my pooch, gus the english bulldog, barfed in my favorite pair of trail running shoes. good thing he is so cute. i mean, that face!

my baby sister, jules vern, turned 31 yesterday!  happy happy birthday to jules! she is forever 17 to me.

i need a new wallet. notice how i used the word need and not want, which is why it wasn't included in my list of lusts. for example // i want a camper van, but i need a wallet. see the difference? one of these might be the ticket. and then there is this cutie pie. obviously this would go on the lust list.

these two cuties are coming over to my house bright and early in the morning to have breakfast. we will stay in our pj's and there will be lots of maple syrup. mama lehua is on a humanitarian trip in africa. she is freaking awesome. we get them for sunday night dinner too!

i'm bored with this now.  have a fabulous weekend!



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