Wednesday, February 19, 2014

free national parks day + moab = picture overload of a day spent hiking in arches national park and a video

 thanks to o for capturing this priceless photo. i mean, jules face.

 can you see ET?

 and if you need a zombie head in the middle of february, you can find one at the local moab market.

o and i along with jules, brad and the boys spent the day hiking and exploring in arches national park. it was fantastically fun! angie went climbing with her buddies and then we all met up for mexican food for dinner. i may or may not have eaten my weight in guacamole?

my sisters and i soaked in the hot tub every night and then congregated on my hotel bed in our pajamas to play cards and watch movies while eating popcorn.  good times.

happy hump day lovers!



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