Tuesday, January 21, 2014


 friday night has become pizza making night at my house // it is nothing fancy.  i use the bob's red mill gluten free pizza crust mix and i substitute a flax egg for the two real eggs the recipe calls for.  i also cook it on a stone that i coat with corn meal before spreading the crust on it.  i spray coconut oil on my hands to spread the dough out evenly.  if there isn't time to make the pizza sauce from scratch, i use the pizza sauce in the plastic containers in the refrigerated section from trader joe's.  it is super duper good.  our favorite ingredient?  red pepper flakes!  and being the good little wifey that i am, i pile the cheese high on o's half of the pizza.
ps  this make two small pizza's.  16 slices.

scenes from my trail run on shoreline saturday.  a cute dog picked me up on the trail in davis county on my way out and when i turned around to run back he didn't leave my side.  i checked his tag and it said 'davis county animal shelter' so i called the number and got a message.  he ran with me back down into city creek where i had to keep him wrangled so he didn't run in front of a car and i called the davis county sheriff's office because that is what the message at the animal shelter instructed.  they of course couldn't find his tag number and said they couldn't send anyone out and the shelter was closed for the weekend? what the what? so i got him back on the trail with me and he stayed with me until i was about 2 miles from my car.  i was hoping to take him to the shelter in salt lake, but we came to an area where there were other people and dogs and he took off following a man that had a couple of dogs with him.  so i am hoping very very much that he took care of the little cutie.  he was my running buddy for about 7 miles of my run and i really liked it:)

 scenes of a city run sunday mornin before church.

 made some gf/vegan banana muffins sunday night.  they were ok.  recipe needs some tweaking.

monday i headed up a mountain on my snowshoes.  yay!  it was warm and sunny and i was above this toxic air.

 o got the new cabinet my dad made for us hung in the bathroom and then he installed the new light above it.  handy man. i helped.
and one of my gnomes is iced in // o makes a comment about it every single time we drive down the driveway.  he made me take a picture of it.

o and i are going to hear purity ring play tonight in park city.  i am excited.  the sundance film festival is going on right now though,  so parking is going to be difficult.

anyway, hope you had an exciting weekend and a good martin luther king day!



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