Tuesday, January 14, 2014


i have a nasty medication hangover today:'(  my body is covered in a heinous rash.  it feels like fire ants are crawling under my skin!  it itches and burns so bad.  my doctor thinks it is some sort of allergic contact dermatitis.  anyway, one of the medications is a histamine blocker that is supposed to help the intense itching and let me sleep.  today i feel like i got hit by a truck.  and now it has spread to my arms and legs.  i want to go home and flay my skin off of my body.  the end.
but, instead i will tell you about my weekend.  and then spend the afternoon at work like a zombie with a skin disease while trying to hide the fact that i am scratching myself from my patients. 

friday was date night.  we went to dinner and the book store.  i picked me up a couple of new books!

a breakfast to go.  before you go to bed, combine oats(steel cut or regular), flax milk(coconut milk, almond milk, whatever), chia seeds, flax meal, cinnamon and half a banana in a container(i use mason jars).  put the lid on and give her a shake and put her in the fridge.  in the morning warm her up in the ole microwave and throw some blueberries on top and viola!  best pre run breakfast ever.  o likes me to add maple syrup to his. boy has a sweet tooth.

scenes from the trail saturday mornin.  somebunny was following me ;)  it was gorgeous and warm and steep.

and here are some random scenes from around the house...

i roasted piles and piles of vegetables for dinner saturday night.  we ate them.  they were delicious and so was the candle light.

o and i made the tapioca pudding on sunday night and ate it out of our favorite pretty, green dessert cups.  i was too excited to eat it and didn't take a picture.  don't cry.  next time.

i feel like poo.



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