Tuesday, January 28, 2014

scenes from the trail

i worked on steep trail on saturday to try and stay above the worst air.  my quads paid the price.  i have been having a hard time holding my yoga poses in class the last few days!

i am beyond happy that the forecast calls for snow the next few days.  i have not been able to get near as much running done outside as i need to and i do not feel ready for the race coming up.  i was really hoping to better my time from last year, but i do not see that happening.

my lungs are not well.  i had some pulmonary testing done monday and i am waiting for the doctor to call me.

feeling frustrated with work, diet, fitness, sleep, stomach, lungs.  me thinks the clearing of this shitty air will give me some of the boost i need // funk.

i hope your week is starting on the right foot and that universe is aligned for you.



note to self:  buck up little camper.