Thursday, January 2, 2014

scenes from christmas vacation // part II picture overload

we all ended up staying at my parents house in price and not staying at the cabin this christmas.  sad.  first time in sixteen years o and i haven't spent at least most of christmas vacation at the cabin.  we got there and my mom wasn't feeling up to it.  so here is what we did instead...

had some good trail runs in the areas around price

cards. quality reading with a dog in the lap. playing with the yeti mobile. eating stuff in front of the fireplace. painting each others toe nails with sparkly silver and gold nail polish. movie watching.  pretty run of the mill.

a few of us took a day trip to the cabin to play in the snow.

a trip down to the san rafael to hike and  find petrified wood.  it was one of the highlights of the week.

and of course, i required us to make a trip to di for general shenanigans.  jordi hit the jackpot of flannel work shirts.  so, i would say it was a very worthwhile trip.  mostly because these pictures of us - how could you not love them?  
and don't worry, i made sure we had a dance party as well.  although, rowan and i were the only ones that danced while everyone else watched us.  i would say that we are both very good at boogieing down to the likes of beyonce and other such booty shaking artists...

hope your holiday was a good one lovers!




  1. That was so fun to look at, made me laugh. Some very cool pictures and some very funny pictures, Omgoodness!

  2. I am glad you went to D.I. and had a dance party even though everyone was lame about it except Ro and went sledding at the cabin and hiking in the swell, thanks for sharing all the pics!

  3. Price and Around Price look so good on your pics!