Friday, January 10, 2014


i tell ya what, my mind and body feel severely off course this week in every way.  i feel moody and irritable and un-creative, my stomach is not, IS NOT happy, i can't sleep and when i do i have crazy dreams, i have lead in my legs when i run i think and blah blah blah...

anyway, it's friday! and it's not all bad.  good damn thing.

i made super good lentil soup this week.  mmm...warm soup + snowy weather.

i see my lymphoma doctor on monday morning.

our neighbor snow blows our ginormous driveway for us when it snows.  he has been a busy man this week. don't worry, i reward him with warm meals.  we have the best neighbors in the world.

i want to buy so many things from ferm living.  me like.

i hope to make smitten kitchen coconut tapioca pudding for a little treat this weekend.  tapioca pudding is one of my most favorite things.

top ten houses on dwell this week.  i love looking at these.  i especially like looking at the prefab houses and the small spaces.  they are so cool.

i have been studying up on nutrition a lot this week.  a lot.

guess what!!!??? jules is flying in to go to moab with us in february!  it is going to be awesome.

i got the day of the antelope island 50k off of work.  now i just need to find the guts to register for the race!

here are the only pictures i have taken this week.  or maybe it was last week?

my new whisk.  it whisked for the first time.

 gus.  just waking up.  little stretch.

 from the trail on saturday morning.  it was a very good trail run indeed.  i was a happy camper.

o and i are going on a date to the book store tonight.  i want to pick up some new books to read.  i have a list in my pocket so i don't forget which ones i want.  then to dinner.  i think it will be vietnamese tonight.

hope you have a super awesome weekend filled with homemade tapioca pudding, perfect sleep, no tummy aches and a killer, energetic, long trail run:)  oh wait, that's what i want.  and good morning sex.



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