Friday, January 31, 2014

friday + vegan smoothie mix + girls rule

it's friday!  yipee!

in the morning as soon as i get up i drink 8oz of water and eat half a banana before i head out the door for my run.  then i eat breakfast when i get home before i jump in the shower. usually oats, blueberries and the other half of my banana with chia seeds or sunbutter on a brown rice tortilla with with the other half of the banana and chia.  but i want to try cutting out more grains.  eat less of them, not get rid of them completely and see how i feel.   i went to whole foods on monday in search of a good plant based protein mix.  i found vega. i have been using my immersion blender to mix it with my flax milk and you know, the other half of that banana and maybe some berries.  i am really, really liking it.  i have only tried the chocolate and vanilla.  i like the chocolate a lot better.  they have others like berry and mango and i look forward to trying those as well. they are perfect for someone like me who has so many food allergies and doesn't eat diary, soy or gluten.  i have been wanting to get more protein in my diet because of my very athletic life style and i'm hoping this is the ticket!  so far so good.

and, i have been saving this since christmas for a time when i really really needed it!  i broke into this bad boy this week and it is delish! i still have half the bar left.  it has two ingredients // cacao + sugar.  no dairy or soy! i will have to thank santa for leaving this in my stocking. wink.

o and i watched ender's game last night when i got home from yoga. 
peppermint tea + sleeping bag + a good movie  =  me. almost relaxed.

and please watch this totally and completely awesome in every way ad.  girls rule.  

we are headed to dinner with our friends tonight.  i hope to lounge on the bed in my pajamas with some popcorn, o and gussy the bulldog for the rest of the night.  

long runs, home improvement, cooking with some new recipes and catching a flick with friends is on the menu...

have the kind of weekend that feels like fluffy, warm pancakes drenched in maple syrup, flannel sheets, mind blowing love making, sunny blue sky, fresh powder, time in the mountains and a fast, energetic, long run.



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