Thursday, January 16, 2014

a full moon + a trail run = me making new friends. blame it on the bananas.

on tuesday night after my yoga class i made a stop at trader joe's to grab some bananas before heading home.  i have been eating bananas like a crazy person.  anyway, they had planned a run for last night under the full moon on a section of the shoreline trail and they invited me!  i was the first to arrive at the meeting place.  didn't want to be the new girl showing up late.  after a few minutes of waiting, i was sure they weren't going to show and i would be alone as usual.  but, they showed!  i think there were ten of us total plus a pooch named happy.  we did introductions and hit the trail.  i ran along side vickie and i don't think we stopped talking the entire time.  she is awesome.  they are all awesome.  i had so much fun.  it was refreshing and energizing and the plan is to do a trail run together every month on the full moon.  which is pretty much perfect if you ask me because i need running friends and the full moon is just about my favorite thing.

excuse me now while i quit my job and go ask for a job at tarder joe's.

oh, and here are a couple of things i've been doing with those bananas...

last night's experiment // vegan, gluten free, nut free, soy free banana pancakes:
i ground whole oats in my food processor until they became flour
i mixed the oat flour with a pinch of sea salt, bananas, flaxmilk , cinnamon and blueberries
they cooked up beautifully and tasted mighty fine plain or with a touch of maple on top!

breakfasts after morning runs this week:
above //  banana coins(sounds special), blueberries, blackberries, chia seeds, roasted salted sunflower seeds, cinnamon and flax milk
below // gluten free brown rice tortilla warmed up, sunflower butter, chia and bananas
and don't forget // this

hope your thursday is winding down quick now!  here is a song to help.  ms mr // hurricane



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