Wednesday, December 11, 2013

where have you been?

aye ca rumba!  i have been so sick:'(  i am finally back to work today and feeling like i am on the mend somewhat.  i think i watched nine thousand episodes of lost,  drank ten thousand cups of tea, coughed no less than one trillion times and had to go in for breathing treatment.  my sweet friend, bonnie, brought me homemade soup on monday night.  love her.  i was glad that my house felt so cozy all decorated for christmas since i was trapped inside of it for so many days.



o and i celebrated our 16th wedding anniversary last friday.  16 years! can you believe it?  no way.  we shared dinner at our favorite place and laughed about funny memories of our wedding day.

and we caught a movie and did some shopping with our favorites.

hope you are healthy!  



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