Wednesday, December 4, 2013

wednesday = hump day

don't mind if i do...

on another note

as i walked into a full elevator at work with my portable camera earlier today, a woman looked at me and said, "you need to eat a big steak sandwich.  you are so skinny." - tact.

ran into my buddy, mark, at trader joes a couple of days ago.  he was excited to tell me he registered for the moab red hot 55k.  i had told him to sign up for it when he was loading me up with goodies and asking me what my next race would be last time i was there. we high five'd.  he told me to sign up for the antelope island buffalo run and he/trader joe's would make sure to bring gluten free food!  so, should i sign up for my first 50k trail?  that is the hot question lurking around in my brain.  i don't know why i am so anxiety ridden about committing to run a 50k?

i am excited to follow the north face 50 mile championship this weekend...

it is bloody cold outside!  and i think my feet stink today.

happy hump day.



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