Monday, December 23, 2013

the moran eye center had a christmas party at the grand america hotel this weekend.  i love all of the window displays inside the hotel during the holidays.  we had a yummy dinner and then my friends and i danced and danced and danced some more.  i was pretty pleased with the fact that i had on some pretty high heels and i still boogied down just fine!  o is no dancer, but i think he was mildly entertained by our moves.

what she wore to tea and scrabble at the neighbors house: flannel pajamas, robe, rubber boots and a down coat. style.

honestly, the weekend was a little stressful and i was moody until yesterday.  i just had a lot of running around for last minute things to do.  i am not a fan of shopping and every place was crowded and there were lines and parking was a joke.  yuck.   i still have a few errands to run tonight after work, but after that i am ready for the festivities to begin!

i am excited to spend time with my family and be away from work and in the mountains.  we can't head out of town until christmas day and o has to work tomorrow, so i plan to make us a delicious breakfast and then hit the trail, find some powder and snowshoe!  then we will spend the evening with the fry family making merry.

wishing you a very merry and magical christmas and a happy holiday lovers.

xo and toodles for now...



  1. You looked gorgeous for the party. Wish I could have boogied with you in fancy heel:) I am sure O was more than mildly entertained.