Tuesday, December 3, 2013

scenes from taos...

o and i left after work on wednesday and drove about half way.  don't ever stay in monticello, utah unless you packed a tent.  #nastyhotelroom  thursday we arrived in taos at lunch time and angie had yummy hors d'oeuvres set out for lunch.  we spent the afternoon cooking up a storm.  we ended up waiting a long time for the turkey to reach temperature and ate later than we planned.  we chalked it up to the high elevation.  dinner turned out really good.

i got to read harper and rowan their bedtime stories each night.  so sweet.

angie i started feeling not so good before we went to bed and both woke up with sick stomachs and rowan had bad cough.

i braved a 10 mile trail run with brad friday with a heavily medicated stomach.  we ran the loop on the rift valley trail.  i felt awful the entire time, but it was so so pretty.  ang and i couldn't eat anything for the rest of the day.  we just sipped on some diet coke while we all watched movie after movie.

on saturday, brad and i hit another 6 miles of trail.  i think we did the devisadero loop.  i was able to eat a bowl of oatmeal and some tea for breakfast.  again, my stomach just felt really bad the whole time and i really slowed brad down:(  the weather was super gorgeous the whole weekend!

then angie and i snuck away for few hours.  we shared lunch at the dragonfly cafe.  it was cozy and super delicious.  then we headed to ojo caliente to soak in the hot springs!  quite fabulous.
then we met up with the boys for dinner at orlando's.  which tasted so good, but was so so stupid of me to eat such things given the state of my stomach.

o and i got on the road at about 10 pm saturday night to try and get a portion of the driving out of the way. just before we got to durango, o got super sick!  holy hell.  he was spewing all over the side of the road in the fog and freezing cold.  we barely made it to a hotel and into the bathroom.  he was miserably sick and we were up all night.  early in the morning i went to the store and got him some medicine and we made it to my parents house in price barely.  he was way too sick to make it home and we both missed worked yesterday. it only took us 3 days of driving to make it home!  being gi sick when you aren't at home with your own bathroom and your own bed is so disgusting.  worst time on the road ever.  the end.  

a trip full of good and bad.  hope your holiday was the best.




  1. Yikes! Sorry about all the troubles. I hope you're all better already.

  2. Thanks for posting about it all, bad time to get sick! Wish I could have gone to the hot springs and lunch and stuff with my two sisters. Miss ya terribly.