Thursday, December 5, 2013

from my wishlist...

dear santa,

i need these.



ps i wear a size 7.  the cactus flower color is fabulous too:)


  1. I hope YOUR Santa gets these for you :)

  2. Somebody posted a "shocking expose" on fb that UGGS ARE MADE OF SHEEP PARTS and the sheep do not survive this contribution. Turns out that Uggs are not made of sheared wool that is attached to leather from cows, which is what Pamela Anderson thought, which would somehow be way more humane, is what Pamela Anderson thought. So that's probably not a shocker to you, but I just wanted it out there so someone didn't tell you the truth one day while you were wearing these super cute slippers and you were caught unawares. It happened to Pamela Anderson and she was pissed. She'll probably sue.

  3. i've never owned a pair of uggs. i had no idea.