Thursday, December 19, 2013

drool. is happening right now. and other random things...

i want to make and eat all of these!  being that i eat a nut, soy, dairy, egg, gluten free diet, i love the way she labels everything and gives substitution options.

so, if you are looking for delicious vegan recipes for amazing holiday treats you know where to find them!

i really hope santa is bringing me her cookbook.


i still have so many presents to buy!

i am wearing a sweater with a hideous elk on the front of it and it has an added bonus.  a scalloped plaid collar.  oh ya baby!

i stayed up all night last night.  i was totally wired.  i watched some lost episodes.  cleaned the house.  did some laundry.  painted my nails.  listened to some music.  and then went to the gym to run and watch some more lost.  i. need. caffeine.

we had a little christmas celebration in the imaging department here at the moran eye center today. this is how it went down...

thrifted gifts.  crowns.  pizza.  gingerbread men.


when i was at the thrift store searching for a gift last night, look at these little gems i found for yours truly!

i love them.  i will probably use them to set some of my rings and earrings in:) just pretty.


have you seen this pantene ad?

go get em ladies.

hope your thursday is awesome.



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