Tuesday, December 17, 2013

a few scenes from the weekend...

the only thing missing are gum drop buttons

we went to a christmas party at the alta club on friday night.  the food was delicious and everyone looked so pretty and so did the ice sculptures.

i got up above this nasty inversion on saturday morning.  i put on my yak tracks and headed up to flagstaff peak where i found blue sky and sunshine!  my lungs are by no means clear yet and i really relied on my inhalor, but i was super happy.  the ice crystals on the creek were amazing.

we were really unproductive on saturday.  i think we both just wanted to be home.  after i got home from the canyon, we only left the house once to make a run to city cakes so i could try their vegan/gf gingerbread man.  he did not disappoint!  he was soft and delicious.  and i had to eat a bowl of their fantastic chili too:)

oh, i did make a christmas stop at rei and i washed the car.  see, i did do something useful!

sunday night we went to hear nathan sing with the salt lake men's choir.  they have a christmas concert every year.


i spent my morning imaging in the operating room.  i feel stressed and moody today:(  not being able to run outside is really starting get me down.  i am praying that the storm on thursday cleans our air up.  here's hoping.

have a fantastic kind of tuesday lovers.



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