Tuesday, November 26, 2013

november 26 + stuff

one year ago today i got a phone call from my doctor.  she told me i had lymphoma.  i have been receiving treatment all year.  gradually tapering down.  i see my doctor again after the beginning of the year.  hopefully we will stop the treatment at that time and see what happens.  it ain't no thang!  other people have it so much harder than i do as far as cancers and treatments go.  no complaining from this girly.

i decorated my house for christmas over the weekend.  eek!  i know, i know thanksgiving, but we will be going away and i want to come home to a festive house.  that makes it ok, right?

i heart trader joe's.  when i won that last race i ran in, they gave me a big box of their peppermint oreos. which i have no doubt are incredibly delicious.  o devoured it.  anyway,  they told me to come in and they would give me some treats i could eat!  and boy, they stocked me up with delicious gluten free goodies! thanks mark and trader joe's!

i love this.  anna frost is awesome.

we have a new nephew!  o's brother is a proud new daddy.  his name is andrei.  we got to cuddle him on saturday.  he is pretty cute.  and, i have been bugging o to get his crooked glasses adjusted for-ev-er.

we are headed to taos tomorrow evening.  i am so excited to hang out with my sister and her family!  brad and i are going to have us a good trail run on friday.

i cannot stop yawning...

hope your tuesday is a breeze.



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