Monday, November 18, 2013

how can the weekend be over already + scenes from a sunday walk with o

 friday night i cleaned my house from top to bottom and made pumpkin pancakes just like i said i would.
saturday morning was tea and toast in bed while procrastinating a long run...i ended up going to the gym for an hour and half of cardo and weights. i know, what the hell is wrong with me?  i let the dreary weather get to me i guess.  i watched a movie on netflix on my phone while i worked out and it made me laugh out loud really hard and i got some looks that said, "crazy red head lady."
o and i had to run a million errands on saturday and still didn't accomplish everything we wanted to.  we did end up coming home with a gold christmas tree with pink lights and it is now twinkling in our bedroom.  it's pretty much awesome.  don't judge.
we went to dinner and movie with friends saturday night.  we saw thor and it was surprisingly amusing.

yesterday was tops!
we had more kids in our sunday school class than we have in a long time!
i made us a fabulous lunch and then went to yoga.
i had such a good class.  she is so so good at helping you find a focus for the class and then keeping you focused on it the whole hour.   i was focused on breathing in light and healing and breathing out pain and darkness.  i felt twenty pounds lighter when i walked outside.
then o and i went on a very long afternoon walk.  perfect weather.
i roasted some seasoned pork all day long and it smelled delicious when we came in.  i made some asian slaw and sweet potatoes to go with it and we crawled on the bed and ate while we watched a movie and could see the big full moon shining through the bedroom window.
then we went to a meeting to support the mormon lgbt community and it was really good.
and boy was that moon big and bright on my run this mornin!

and blah blah and blah blah blah. the end.

i hope you had a fantastic weekend and that your monday is really shaping up!



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