Friday, November 15, 2013


look, there is a bus line named after me!  my friend was visiting the northeast area and snapped this picture of the tour bus for me.

how was you week?  can't complain about mine.

i am so looking forward to staying in tonight.  i am making pumpkin pancakes and cleaning my house.  i know you are super jealous.  don't deny it.

i have lots of projects i want to finish up this weekend.  unfinished things drive me crazy.

new snow in the mountains guys.  holla! can't wait to get up in the mountains and play in my yak tracks and snowshoes.  i need new ski boots stat.

just registered for the moab red hot race.  i had so much fun running it last year.

well, i am boring myself to death here.  hope your weekend is full of good stuff like unicorns and cupcakes.

xo lovers,


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