Friday, November 1, 2013


happy november!  seriously?

i registered for the frary peak hill climb.  looking forward to it.

our halloween sucked.  except for the part where we ate take out from red iguana.  even though we ate it in separate rooms of the house because we couldn't get along.  loved my mole verde just the same.

we have decided to head to taos, new mexico for thanksgiving this year.  looking forward to doing some trail running with brad.

i am having a mini love affair with grapefruit these days.  can't get enough of them.

o and i are going to see gravity tonight.  i need an excuse to eat copious amounts of popcorn.  plus, the movie looks good too.

gonna have me a mountain run tomorrow.  68 degrees.  woot!

i need to get laid.  my guess is that you do too.

have an adventurous weekend lovers.



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  1. We loved Gravity. Intense! Good luck on Frary Peak. We rounded up the buffalo, so don't be nervous about running into them.