Friday, November 22, 2013

friday + gourmandise

it's friday,  holla!

we stopped by gourmandise on the way home from work yesterday so i could grab a birthday treat for a friend and decided to stay and eat dinner.  i have no idea why we haven't eaten here before?  i tend to stay far away from bakeries because everything smells good and looks and tastes good and they are cozy and i can't have anything!  but, gourmandise is also a cafe and when i saw the menu we took a seat.  it. was. fantastic.  except for the part where i watched o eat chocolate mousse.  rat bastard.  included in the menu are daily specials and a small plates menu written on the wall.  i had the chicken marbella.  i just pushed the risotta out of the way!  it was to die for.  i loved it.  i want more of it right now. i can't wait to try the boeuf bourguignon.  fabuloso!

can you believe the wind last night!  it kept me awake the whole night.  rude.

i need a new book to read.

work has been insanely busy this week!  yesterday was heinous. i did take the day off on tuesday to get a couple of things done that had been weighing on me a bit.  it was a busy day and i got things squared away.

i am looking forward to seeing the new hunger games movie tomorrow night with friends.  and i fully plan to get up on top of a snowy mountain whether it is on skis, snowshoes or yak tracks...

i am off for a treatment.  have a grand weekend lovers!

toodles for now.  xo,



  1. I am reading The Book Thief right now and enjoying his style…
    Have a fantastic weekend!

  2. I am browsing along, surfing blogs, bored out of my mind..until I stumbled on your adorable little space. I am a fellow cancer butt kicker. 29 years old, stage 3 breast cancer. Your pictures are beautiful! Thanks for making me smile today!

  3. @ naturegirl - that is one of my favorite books! can't wait to see the movie...

  4. @ the hairless hairstylist - thanks for the nice complement! and keep on kickin girl!