Friday, November 8, 2013

being lustful on a friday

i have been keeping an eye out for a pendant light i like for my back hallway that goes down into the basement.  i really really like this one!

i have yet to find the right rug for my front room.  we are on rug number 2.  i really like this one and think it just might work in that space?  but, i don't need it.

this asos midi dress is the cutest.  so flattering and simple and i like the plum color of it.  i can do plum with my red hair.  it would look cute with gold jewelry and those super cute brown and cream heels of mine.

pretty much anything by hallwood.  i need a couple of new cases for my phone and these are oh so perfect for me.

we saw ender's game last night.  it was awesome!  go see it!

after i clean my basement tonight, i plan to cook something delicious for dinner and eat it with o and then soak in the tub and paint my nails with new polish that has been sitting on my counter for a week. safari. that's the color.  sounds like a doable friday night to me?

i have a race in the morning and then i am going to lunch with some of my gals from high school.

o bought me some yaktrax this week! can't wait to put them to good use!

i hope you have a superb weekend lovers.  toodles for now...



ps this post feels too girly.

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