Tuesday, November 5, 2013

a monday to like + some scenes

you know how i hate monday?  well, yesterday happened to be a pretty darn good monday.
since the time change has me off schedule, i ran a totally feel good 10 kilometers before 6:30 am.
worked all day and it was not crazy busy. got home by 6:00.  
made my best sweet potato and black bean taco's for o and we enjoyed them together. so good.
went to kura door and spent 45 minutes in the sauna and steam room and then had me a fantastic 60 minute deep tissue massage. then i went back in the steam room until they closed:)  and then, i opened the door to go outside and there were ginormous snow flakes falling from the sky! 
then i went home and made my pillowy fortress and snuggled into the flannel sheet with o and fell fast asleep.
and i did hardly any chores.  take that!

not too shabby eh?

the only photos i took on halloween.  a darn cute cowgirl and her horse.  and a very scary skeleton!  we hung out with all the neighbors for a bit before the trick or treating took full effect.

i got to see these little rug rats on saturday morning.  i went to help o's brother, justin and his gal lia, move into their new house.  which just happens to be basically at the mouth of little cottonwood canyon. so it was super convenient for me to head up to a trail after we were finished:)
warning: this is more of an amusement ride then a video, so don't watch it if you get motion sick.  speaking of motion sickness, o and i went and saw 'gravity' in 3d on friday night.  the first scene made o super motion sick. he had to keep his eyes closed for a bit and he almost threw up!  i had to eat all the popcorn myself and i felt like a blob.  bastard.

red pine lake.

we got to meet elle mae this weekend.  our new niece.  it was pretty darn cute to see jordi holding his own baby and being a daddy!  

hope your week is starting off in a positive way lovers.



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