Monday, October 7, 2013


my gf/soy free/vegan pizza experiment turned out to be a stellar success!  o was making yummy sounds and kept saying, "this is the best pizza you've ever made.  i'm serious."  it satisfied my craving for pizza and i will make it again this week!

 after i finished some painting work in the bathroom saturday morning, i got in an extremely muddy trail trip.

our friends, ann and dan, had us over for dinner and games saturday night and we had a great time.  ann is such a fantastic cook!  smoked ribs, roasted potatoes and carrots, poached salmon, salad, fresh green beans, apple crumble!  everything was amazing and i over ate.  the above is their pup ajax.  pretty much adorable.

and here is gus on sunday morning.  lazy.

i got in a yoga class with my favorite instructor sunday afternoon and a trail run too!  my parents stopped by for a minute and gave us tomatoes, apples and squash from their garden:) we grilled on our new little grill and we listened to the conference sessions in between everything else!  it was quite fabulous.

hope your stinky monday isn't too stinky.  xo,



  1. lol is the puppy pink? love your blog :)

    xo Anna

  2. welcome anna!
    ha! he does look sorta pink in the photo:) it was dark in the room and i had to pump up the exposure. pink puppies!