Monday, October 21, 2013

the boulder mail trail + death hollow

thanks to orion for all of the photos

 we drove down to the escalante river trail head on thursday and found a place to camp and await the arrival of the rest of our group from san diego and phoenix.  we got a bit of a late start on friday morning, but we were in no rush.  we left a couple of cars there and shuttled in two groups to the air strip where the boulder mail trail starts.  we hiked and dropped down into the canyon.  it was absolutely gorgeous.  the temperatures were around 60 during the day and 30's at night and once we dropped into the canyon we didn't stay dry for long.  neoprene socks are the best invention ever!  we ended up going through the coolest part of the canyon in the dark, which was in it's own way super cool if not a little nerve racking.  only because falling in the drink in the dark and cold with my pack on was not sounding too good to me:)  there is a section where there is a very small ledge with the water flowing over it and a low ledge above that keeps you from standing.  so with headlamps on, we had to crawl on this ledge with our backpacks rubbing against the ledge above and our hands and knees in the water that is flowing pretty good and dropping off much deeper right next to us.  i was getting pretty cold and was soooooo glad i didn't lose my balance through this section and fall in.  i had my sleeping bag, clothes and down coat in dry bags, but it would have been hard to get warm again.

we estimate we went about 15 miles on friday.  we made camp in a nice sandy area and made a fire so we could warm, dry and eat.  i packed my food really light and strategically so i wouldn't have to pack a stove and fuel.  i of course packed my water filter, but didn't even end up having to use it because i carried just enough water and didn't have to use any to cook with.

saturday we really again were in no rush.  we just took it slow in the morning and hung around a bit and ate breakfast.  we planned to spend another night in the canyon, but ended up cruising through the escalante river to the end.  so we drove and found a good place to camp for the night.  we hung out, ate some dinner and hit the hay.

sunday mornin we said our goodbyes and headed home.

it was all quite fabulous and i had a fantastic time as always.  hopefully i will get to run rim to rim next year!

toodles for now. xo,


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