Tuesday, October 29, 2013

some scenes from the weekend. new shoes + sunshine = goodness

i love them.  i do.

gus and i did sunday lunch on the front porch together.

and scenes of a stellar trail run saturday morning. sunshiny mountainous bliss.

lehua and the boys took pity on me and joined me for a trip to ikea on saturday.  we sipped diet dp and i filled the cart with $200 worth of stuff.  it was a success.  two windows have shiny new shades on them and my shoes are so organized it's scary! and we now have a cabinet for the bathroom.  then everyone came over and we ate big bowls of the chili i made the night before and it was super delicious.  and those frito's - lehua, you are a genius.

i baked these because i need to have chocolate sometimes or i fear i may die of malnutrition.

i had a treatment yesterday.  i was thinking i only had to do them every other month now.  not so.  still every 4 weeks for now.  no biggie.

happy tuesday.



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