Monday, September 30, 2013

vail + uroc = a beautiful and exciting weekend!

o and i left on friday morning to drive to vail, colorado.  uroc was the last race of the skyrunning series for 2013 and the ultra running world championships.  my brother-in-law, brad, ran in the 100k and i ran in the 21k sister race.  we stayed at the lodge at vail which was the official host of the race. it was fabulous and cozy and buzzing with excitement and racers. when we arrived, brad and i headed to the pre race meeting and  then we all walked around vail village to find where we wanted to eat dinner.  
it snowed on friday, but saturday it was sunny and clear. o, my sister and my nephews came out to the starting line with me on saturday morning to see me off.  brrr.  it was chilly!  

i finished 3rd in my division, 11 seconds behind 2nd - 8th for women - 27th overall.  it was a small race though.  the course was an up and back trail half marathon.  i had fun and tried to run fast!

the boys played on a pirate ship and we walked around and went to lunch before we headed to vail pass to wait for brad to reach mile 33 so we could give him his head lamp and other supplies for the second half of his race.  while were waiting the top 4 female racers ran by.  i snapped a photo of my favorite, emelie forsberg, who i had no doubt would win!  she is amazing.

go emelie!
then we hit the pool and hot tub.  the pool was heated and had a fire place at each end with a hot waterfall.

then we cleaned up and headed down to see the lead men come in.  rob krar won the race in 9:28!  amazing. dakota jones was a couple of minutes behind for 2nd and cameron clayton 3rd. kilian came in 4th to win the series.  

we took the boys to find ice cream and candy.  very important business!  

angie put the boys to bed and we put o on babysitting duty so we could head down to the finish line again to wait for brad to arrive.  he came in at 14:37.  only fifty percent of entrants finished this race. five peaks and 66 miles.  go brad!

we finished the trip off by sleeping in on sunday morning, going for another swim and then having a fantastic brunch!

i am so glad they had a shorter distance race so i could participate!  i hope i am gaining the confidence and experience i need to start entering some longer races! i have only been racing for one year and i love it!  good times.

happy monday.  xo,


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