Monday, September 16, 2013

mount timpanogos + other scenes from the weekend

 sweet burro camper.  want.
 no words.


 my nerd.
porch time.  not many days of this left...

orion crashed on his mountain bike on friday and buggered up his knee:(  as of friday night we decided to go ahead and do twin peaks without doing the whole ridge.  i got a text 5:30 saturday morning and he was having trouble doing the stairs.  poor dude.  so i slept a bit longer and then headed to mount timpanogos with me, myself and i.  the weather made the mountain look dramatic and gorgeous.  this was one of my favorite days of trail running thus far.  i felt really energetic and i was getting rained on intermittently and top of the mountain was covered in fog along with the valley behind me.  and, the weather kept people away so i felt very solitary.

when i got to the saddle, i dumped my little pack, put on my jacket and head band and booked it to the top. my head was literally in the clouds.  i could see the trail in front of me and my feet and that is all.  oh, and the mist collecting on my lashes!  i really wanted to eat a bite and put some chap stick on when i got back to my pack, but my hands were numb.  i ran down about four miles before my hands thawed enough for me to use them:)  then it was smooth sailing to the bottom.  super fab.

the weekend was good until last night.  dinner at our favorite indian place with the neighbors friday night, friends over for dinner, dessert and movie saturday night, motorcycle ride up the canyon yesterday...then for some reason i ralphed my guts out last night. i have been feeling pretty rough at work all day today.  yuck.

dear monday,

i do not love you and likely never will.



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