Wednesday, September 11, 2013

got off work a little early yesterday so i headed to the mountains with my head lamp for a trail run. it was raining. it was fantastic.

been working with the running clinic at the orthopedic center for a few weeks.  they are awesome.  we are trying to change the way i run a bit and strengthen some areas of my body to see if we can get rid of some of the pain i have been having in my feet and ankles.
i revisited the polenta cake recipe again.  this time i made it with 1c of brown rice flour and 1/2c flax meal. it was more spongy for sure.  delicious.  i think i like it better the first way i made it though.

i love the feeling in the air.  you can feel fall right around the corner.  it's a good feeling.  opening all the windows at night because the air is cool.  you can smell the rain and hear the crickets while you lay in bed.

dani and carlee left me a cute message on my phone over the weekend.  their little tiny voices saying, "i love you aunt cyrie."  melting heart.

i had a bunch of things to say, but now i can't remember them?  so, toodles for now!



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