Wednesday, September 18, 2013

a list of likes...

brown rice tortillas smeared with sunflower butter and fig butter

ankle boots.  i want some. these are pretty fantastic.

cool, crisp air early in the morning.  energizing.

flannel sheets.

the text o sent me today telling me he thinks i look "very, very sexy."  of course that was after he teased me about looking like a ninja.

hot oatmeal with honey.  piles and piles of it.

the fact that my friend, lehua, is going to swaziland with her church.  i am proud of her.

these talent, smart musical gals.  grimes.  austra.  chvrches.

funny kids. my friend, aimee, has the funniest kids.  the things they say are hilarious and witty make me laugh every time.

the full moon.  duh.

saying the words "rat bastard".  i can't help it.

hope your wednesday is a smashing success.  i am heading up mount olympus tonight under that big moon with orion and some other dudes!  woot!



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  1. You're awesome. Fast girls are my faves. Run! Run! Run!