Tuesday, August 13, 2013

tuesday + random stuff

oh hey there lovers!  a few things...

video from a mountain top i was on recently.  best place to be in my book.  top of a mountain!

we finally had the dcd poster mounted that we got at the last concert.  i think it is super pretty and i am trying to figure out where i want to put it?

i'm cutting back to a treatment every other week for the next two months.  holla back!  the stinker is that i have to keep it up until february.  no biggie^

i hope to go up twin peaks and lone peak in the next couple of weeks.  when i go to bed the night before i plan to be on top of a mountain,  i am giddy with excitement on the inside.  kind of like the feeling you get when you go to bed on christmas eve.  i am easy to please.

i am reading this book.  the title makes me giggle.

i am running in a race at solitude on saturday.  woot.

i had dinner with a long lost friend last night.

i can't stop eating dates and figs.  i'm serious.  i cannot.

i am overwhelmed by my yard at this point.  i can't keep up with it.  so i don't.  weeds, i hate you.

and blah blah blah.



ps i turn 35 on sunday.  boo.  hiss.  make me a cake.

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