Friday, August 16, 2013


holy shit! this work week seems it will never end...i am sleepy tired today and my eyes red, but the weekend is soon to begin!

i fell asleep in the mri machine today.  must have been twitching because i woke to the guy chastising me for moving!  oops.

o and i went and saw the way way back at the broadway theater last night.  we both loved it.

my friends at work brought a smorgasbord of delicious food in today to celebrate my birthday.  mel made a gf wacky cake.  i got to eat cake! and it was so so yummy.  just say yes to cake.

o and are going to sleep under the stars tonight up near solitude.  my one birthday request was to go camping.  then i can just wake up, throw on my running clothes and run my race in the mornin. then i will head up to park city later in the day with lehua and christine for some eating of good foods and shopping for new running shoes and other such things.

i hope your weekend is filled with adventure, shower sex, sleeping bag sex in the mountains, chocolate and maybe a ride in a really fast car!  and an ice cream cone.  and maybe a really good hamburger.

toodles. xo.

your cheeky gal,


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