Friday, August 2, 2013


last night when i got home from work i was starving and i had the place to myself.  i had a couple ears of corn in the fridge and some ripe tomatoes.  turned on the tunes, gave gus a treat and made some dinner.  i shucked the corn and roasted it on my gas cook top.  i toasted a corn tortilla right over the flames as well.  i sliced up a tomato and cut the corn off the cob and put them in the corn tortilla with some sea salt and fresh ground pepper and viola!  a simple, fresh, summery dinner for one.  added a little chips and salsa and mango lemonade to that and i was a happy camper.

after i did a few chores, (put away 5 piles of laundry sitting in various rooms of my house for days) i hopped on my road bike and headed to brewvies to see the screening of in the high county with anton krupicka.  it was fantastic and i really enjoyed it.  new balance and ultimate direction were there and gave away some great gear.  also, there was a q&a at the end with joel wolpert the filmmaker, byron powell of irunfar and krupicka.  i made a good choice because justin and nathan went to hear the national and ended up leaving early because it was no good.

o and i got home at the same time and we went to bed and spooned.  the end.

i am going with friends to try out cafe super natural after work tonight.  doesn't the menu look delish!  i am thinking about introducing nuts back in to my diet to see how i do.  i am reluctant, but i need to give it a try.  it is a serious pain in the ass to keep nuts out of the diet.  not to mention, PEANUT BUTTER I LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU...

have a most stellar weekend lovers.



ps my friend randy sent me this video

pps i am pretty sure i have planter fasciitis in my right foot. i am limping around like an idiot. it freaking hurts.

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  1. Plantar Fascitis is brutal - and some of the PT treatments are even more so! But. . . The sooner you treat it the sooner relief will be on the horizon. I am feelin' it for ya!