Thursday, August 29, 2013

cake and stuff

 i was able to leave work an hour early yesterday!  that never happens.  well, unless i am going to have a treatment and that sure as shit doesn't count!  anyway, the whole way home i was having this inner battle deciding which of two things i wanted to do with said extra hour of day i suddenly had all to myself.  i am sure you can only guess that one of those things was going for a trail run.  duh.  the other?  i was craving an evening at home of creating a delicious meal in my kitchen with the windows open, a movie in the background and my favorite apron wrapped around me.  i needed the second option yesterday and felt pretty good about it since i got a good run in early in the mornin and knew i could get a yoga routine in while everything was cooking!  see how i can multitask?  i am a master at multitasking.

i made a ginormous pot of chili with fire roasted peppers and tomatoes and while it was simmering away i made this citrus polenta cake.  i think it may be one of my favorite things i have every baked!  i had to adapt the recipe quite a bit to make it vegan/gf/nut free, but it worked beautifully and i think this will become a staple at my house.  my favorite parts are the texture and the subtle citrus flavor.  

here are the changes i made:
5 Tbls olive oil  - in place of butter
3/4 of a banana - in place of the eggs
1/2 c applesauce - in place of the buttermilk
1 1/2 c flax meal - in place of the almond meal

we ate it warm with raw honey drizzled on top and it was super fine!

it was pouring rain after we finished dinner and we put on our rain jackets and headed to the park for a very wet walk.  everything was fabulous until we were coming up to the corner of 700 east and 1300 south when we saw a couple of guys on their road bikes get hit by a car.  we ran over to them and one was much worse off than the other.  it was dark, raining and they both had dark bikes, dark shirts, no helmets, no reflectors, no bike lights and they smelled like alcohol.  and they were both young and handsome.  i knelt down next to the one who was worse off and talked to him until the paramedics came.  he told me his name and how old he was.  he asked me if the wound on his head was bad. his face was covered in blood. he told me he couldn't ride in an ambulance because he didn't have any insurance.  i hope they are both doing well and my heart is breaking for the guy that hit them.  it is one of my worse nightmares to hit someone with my car or to get hit by a car while i am on my road bike.  i really, really hope everyone is alright.  

wear a helmet.  put blinking lights on your bike.  don't think you are invisible, because you aren't.  even though it is a damn good feeling...    

safety first!



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