Tuesday, August 20, 2013

35 + a visit from the police and other shenanigans = a weekend

mel made me a birthday cake!  a wacky cake made with rice flour and coconut whipped cream on top!

dear mel, 
you're the best!

after work on friday, o and i headed up big cottonwood to camp under the big moon.  we stopped and made some gas station oatmeal for dinner on the way:) both of the campgrounds were full so we headed up to guardsman pass to find a spot.  we set up the tent, got cozy and watched part of a movie on the kindle before i got too sleepy and had to call it a night.  we woke to a shaking tent and a flash light in our face in the middle of the night.

"are you in there?  this is the police."
"is this mr and mrs fry?"
"you can't camp here.  you have to be half mile from the road."
so sleepy and confused
"so, do we have to leave?"
"yep. well, what are you doing here?"
"i am running in a race at solitude in the morning."
"well i guess you can stay this time, but only if you're gone before 6:00 am."
"we will be.  thanks."
"remember, half mile from the road next time."

i'm so glad we didn't end up having to sleep in the car.  thanks mr fry for taking me camping!

anyway, i came in second for the day in the 8 miler and snagged the overall women's series win.  the prize was the nathan intensity running vest.  woot!!!

lehua and the boys went with me to the farmers market when i got home from the race. we drank fresh limes with mint and bought peaches and corn and flowers and cherries and all sorts of good stuff. lehua bought me a pair of earrings that i was ogling.  she happens to be one of the most generous people i have ever known.

took a quick r&r session in my bathroom.

don't ask

then lehua, christine and i went to park city on saturday night for dinner and some shopping.  i've been wanting to go to the pearl izumi store so i figured we should make it into a thing. they bought me a delicious dinner at purple sage on main street.  and we were silly and started some fun shenanigans.  thanks for the fun night ladies!

sunday was my actual birthday.  it was norm.  church.  trail run.  roasted veggies from the farmers market. movie. bed.
i chose mueller park for my run to mix it up a bit. if you run on this trail, you must be alert or you will be plowed over by someone on a mountain bike!  it was bloody hot on sunday.  bloody hot!

now you have the weekend play by play whether you wanted it or not!

have a happy tuesday^




  1. Sounds interesting and fun. I liked reading about it and wish I could have been there.

  2. congrats on your win! You and O are genuinely criminal.