Tuesday, July 30, 2013

that time when my other sister came to visit + speedgoat = a good weekend

i have 2 younger sisters. this is angie.  or you can call her angela jean.  she and her fam arrived from taos friday evening and we headed to the desert edge for dinner.  after we got home and had a quick dance party, the kiddos went to bed and angie, brad, o and i did some chillin on the porch before we all hit the hay early.  angie and i got up early and hiked up to red pine lake saturday morning before going to snowbird to see the front runners of the race come in.  o brought harper and rowan up along with my parents and brother jord and his wife j so we could all cheer brad on and congratulate him as he came across the finish line!  rock on brad!

sage canaday won and anton krupicka came in a very close second. the top three women were very close as well with stephanie howe and jodee adams-moore finishing a minute apart with ruby muir just a few minutes later. what a race!  have you seen the elevation profile? brutal. congrats to every single person that came across the finish line.  you rock.

on sunday after church and our cousin skylers mission farewell, i was itching for a trail run and i decided to go up mount raymond.  it is one of my favorites and i hadn't been up there yet this year.  the place was deserted.  i was the only one on the mountain.  i didn't pass people until i was coming back down and i was about a quarter mile from the trail head!  the place was more densely vegetated than i have ever seen it and so it felt humid and i had green stains all over my shoes, legs and shorts from all the plants slapping me as i ran:) 

the wild flowers were out in full force.  it wasn't too hot and i saw some fossils right at the tip of the mountain.  i was a happy camper.  just a titch paranoid about running into a moose...

it was a good weekend.  the end.



ps sweet dreams. zzzzz

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