Monday, July 15, 2013

sorry for the radio silence + that time when my sister came to visit...

oh my gosh!  there isn't enough time in the day.  my sister, jules, and her family stayed with us for a few days last weekend.  we had so much fun!

we went swimming with micah, noble and harper
we painted our nails sparkly
caught snails
played dress up and wore wigs and had a dance party and acted like crazy fun people
visited tracy aviary and the park
ran through the sprinklers and had a picnic at our house with the neighbors
uncle o did some fireworks and watched movies with the girlies
jules and i snuck away on the bikes and rode down to 9th and 9th to go in some of the boutiques
we also snuck away for a night hike up to dog lake and a very late dinner at porcupine grill

we had a most fantastic time and i wish they were still here. for ever and ever.  the end.




  1. It was a fantastic memorable time indeed! I love the pictures, thanks for sweaty pits in one of the pictures of us dressed up is gross! Sorry people. I wish we could do this a lot more often.

  2. he he! thought you might appreciate that. could have been swass, which would be way more embarrassing. just sayin...