Friday, July 26, 2013

happy pioneer day. 2 days late...

wednesday was pioneer day here in utah.  i had the day off!  so, i ran in a half marathon bright and early in the mornin(i was 5th in my division).  then i called o and made him meet me for breakfast before he went to work. we ate at finn's.  i ordered a steak and finn's green drink(spinach, celery, cucumber and celery).  both were yuck, but i finished them while i watched o eat sour dough french toast dipped in cinnamon cream batter with butter and syrup and strawberries.  bastard.

then i went to cabella's for the first time with the neighbors where i purchased a very fine hat from the bargain basement.

our street celebrated pioneer day by having 'pie n' beer' potluck.  i made an apple crisp with blackberries in it that was gluten free and vegan and it was really yummy!  and there were lots of noisy, stinky fireworks. the end.



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